Builders Cleans

Historically builders aren't the tidiest of workers, that's why we undertake all aspects of builders cleaning removing cement and over grouting removal of labels from sanitary ware to removal of paint after decorators we carry all necessary equipment for deep cleaning. If you need us to make an site visit to quote for this work, let us know.

Office & Retail Cleaning

From shops to offices we offer a complete service from windows to WC’s we also provide sanitation wipes for phones and specialist wipes for computer screens. We have catered for all kinds of commercial premises from , government buildings, leisure centres, hotels, restaurants, banks, public houses, even amusement arcades!

Carpet Cleaning

We have over 30 years experience in this field. We are equipped with the latest in carpet cleaning machinery the Prochem Supernova 800. This machine only uses the exact amount of water needed to clean the carpets, hence your carpets are dry almost as soon as they've been cleaned. Unlike many other conventional extraction machines the Supernova 800 uses small spinning brushes (similar to those found on an upright vacuum cleaner ) which provide your a deep thorough clean. This is the ideal way to clean commercial premises with large carpeted areas, but it can also be used in a residential homes.

Specialist Cleaning

We also offer specialist cleaning services for Antiques and valuables. We understand how to provide the utmost care and attention when working with delicate and valuable items. Precious metals and gem stones including Gold, Silver, Diamonds, Bronze and Copper. For more information or to discuss your specialist requirements please contact us... Tel: 01803 335124 or Email: [email protected]

High Reach Window Cleaning

Professional traditional, or water fed pole window cleaning service using the latest carbon fibre water fed pole system. We are able to clean windows up to 4 stories high in a safe environment without the use of ladders. We also clean conservatories/pressure washing of patios and driveways.

Algae Infections

Andrews Cleaning Services uses a soft wash environmentally friendly chemical cleaning system to remove stubborn red, green and black algae from exterior building surfaces. The biological process will show immediate results and will continue to improve for up to six weeks, the surface will eventually return to its algae free original colour.

Dragonfly Internal Window Cleaning System

The STREAMLINE® DRAGONFLY® is the perfect answer to internal glass cleaning where the use of a ladder or other reach equipment is normally required, as it allows you to clean windows at height with your feet on the ground. With a simple pump system and reservoir filled with de-ionised water or a glass cleaner in a backpack and a microfibre pad on a swivel mop plate attached to a telescopic pole the DRAGONFLY® simplifies internal window cleaning forever. Areas of use include car showrooms, stair wells and atriums in office blocks, schools, colleges, hotels, airports, shopping centres the opportunities are endless! Saving time, saving money... The DRAGONFLY®4 internal window and glass cleaning kit brings you the latest innovation from the STREAMLINE® range of high reach cleaning equipment. It is the simplest, safest and most efficient way to clean internal windows at height – reaching up to heights beyond 10 meters! The DRAGONFLY®4 does not rely on detergents or chemicals and yet cleans a multitude of surfaces, including windows, mirrors, cladding and stainless steel surfaces to a sparkling and spot-free finish. With a compact battery and pump combination mounted in the comfortable backpack, controlled by a simple switch on one of the lightweight XRTM poles the DRAGONFLY®4 has proven to clean at height up to three times faster than traditional methods ... and safely from the ground. Environmentally friendly – no chemicals required Rechargeable battery – ensures the task can be completed without the worry of having to have spare batteries Compatible with the XRTM telescopic poles – so there are no modular pole sections lying around Can be fitted to any of the pole sizes from the XRTM range – reaching beyond 10 meters

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